Top 5 Improvements to Add Value to Your Dallas Home

Realtors agree it’s a buyer’s market out there today. If you’re thinking about selling your home any time in the near future, you need to become aware of what these picky buyers are looking for. Since they have their choice of properties, how are you going to be competitive? You have a product to sell, but unfortunately, there are thousands of people selling the same thing in your market.

How do you go about changing the odds to your favor? Get educated, for starters. Find out what’s really important to the current buyer. Talk to realtors and contractors or friends and family who are in the market. They’re the ones who are quick to assess a property’s appeal value. They may tell you they hear or say things like, “but, if it only had another bedroom, or bigger kitchen or bath and the killer statement, “I love the layout, but we’d have to do too much to get it up to date or where it would fit our family”. You fill in the blanks when you compare your home to others on the market for the edge you’re looking for in putting your product ahead of the pack.

The one simple improvement you can do that will give you a head start with any buyers that visit in person, online or even a “drive-by” of your home, are classy, beautiful front entry doors. This will grab the attention of any prospect. In addition, this improvement will help lower heating and cooling costs. And, most important for a Dallas property, will stand up under extreme weather conditions.

A really smart way to add value to a home is to convert the attic into another bedroom. This is a cost effective way to increase your chances to sell to a larger family, or families that are looking to have that extra space for future needs. Today we often see parents and/or children moving in together for economic reasons by combining their incomes to live in a bigger home.

One of the least expensive improvements that will increase the home’s value and living space is to build a deck. Very popular in the DFW area, decks are the family room extension into the back yard. This is one addition that will guarantee almost 100% return in investment. In addition, there are varieties of reasonably priced materials available that will provide a beautiful, yet low-maintenance option.

One of the most important features a buyer looks for in a new home is easy maintenance. Siding on a home gives it that neat, clean appeal with an eye-catching tidiness. Siding will also add to the energy efficiency of a home, a feature not lost on current buyers. If this is not on your list of possibilities, look into adding some decorative trim and/or painting to give the home that fresh look.

The centerpiece of any home is usually the kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t invite this “gathering” feel, look for a way to add some character. One of the easiest improvements is replacing the countertops with a new, updated look. Basic items such as new cabinet knobs and doors can completely change the look of your kitchen. Add some new appliances for that model home look!

Find a good contractor for those bigger jobs who can help you decide how to turn this ordinary home into a “must have” for that buyer who walks in and finds exactly what he wants.

Why calling a licensed sprinkler repair specialist is a good idea

Sprinkler contractors abound these days; you can find services for the maintenance and repair of sprinkler systems. The reason for the sudden spike in demand is simple: people are realizing that the fate of the planet, which is facing major destruction from all kinds of pollution, rests in their hands. If you don’t have a sprinkler system in your Dallas home, then perhaps it’s time you pick up the phone and call a sprinkler contractor in your area.

Here are the advantages you can experience when you choose to use a Dallas sprinkler system and implement sprinkler repair:

First of all, you’ll be able to help the environment. This is the most priceless of all benefits—the chance to do something to actually save the world. By using a sprinkler system, you’re making sure that only the necessary amount of water is used when you’re watering the plants in the garden or the grass in your lawn. You can use a timer so that there’s a schedule, and you can select designated spots so that there’s no water wasted. What’s even better is that you can do all this without lifting a finger.

Second of all, you’ll be able to promote nature. By using a sprinkler system, you’re giving insects and worms and birds a chance to live through the healthy plants and grass.

Third of all, you’ll be able to have a flourishing green space where you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Plus, having a beautiful garden and lawn is always a welcome opportunity in any household.

Fourth of all, you’ll be able to make a worthy investment. These days, a lot of people purchase electronics and other gadgets that don’t last long. Well, sprinkler systems can work for quite a long time—as long as they’re given proper care on a regular basis.

If you live in Frisco, you won’t have any difficulty finding sprinkler contractors—there are a number of them located around the town, making things more convenient and quick. So, what are you waiting for? Browse the web now and look for a sprinkler contractor near you. Good luck!