Home Remodeling Ideas That Beef Up Security

If you are getting ready to do some remodeling work on your home, but you are also worried about the spike in the number of neighborhood burglaries you have been hearing about in the news, this piece will fit you like a glove. We are going to reveal to you some of the simplest, yet most effective ways of making nice changes around your home while boosting the level of safety.

Security First

  • While you might be tempted to have transparent glass doors all around the house, large windows with no curtains so you can let all the natural light in, and the fanciest ancient locks and doorknobs for a vintage look, all of these could make your home a lot more vulnerable in the hands of burglars.

  • So you will need to find the right balance between your desire to make your home look like in your dreams, and the more practical need to feel and be safe inside your household.

  • According to data belonging to the FBI, home burglaries represent one of the greatest threats the US citizens are confronted with. There is a break-in occurring every 20 seconds every day. That is a total of 4,150 households on a regular, daily basis.

  • The simple presence of a home security system inside a home will significantly cut the risks of it being burglarized. A potential burglar who might target your home will think twice and most likely change their mind if they were to notice a home alarm sign on the exterior of the house.

  • If you truly wish to keep burglars away from your home however, you should add a few extra layers of security. This could be anything from installing new locks on the doors or having the old sets re-keyed, adding surveillance cameras and locks or safety bars on the windows.

How To Upgrade Your Entryways

  • Since the doors and the windows of a home are the main entry points to it, you should focus on strengthening them. Inspect all doors and windows and, if possible, install some more solid alternatives.

  • An expert lock technician for homes should be consulted in order to establish the best solutions in terms of locks for all of your entryways. Depending on your budget and aesthetic considerations, an authorized and experienced locksmith should help you decide upon the best solutions for your particular needs.

  • Call the nearest locksmith in your area if confronted with any type of a lock or key emergency that requires their immediate attention. The smallest vulnerability or problem with a lock on a door could lead to a complete disaster. Someone could easily take advantage of the malfunction and get inside the house while you are away.

  • Consider installing comemrcial grade 1 or 2 deadbolt locks on your front door. Fit solid, hardwood front doors, and opt for double- or even triple-pane windows.

  • Get rid of old locks and have them replaced with sensor locks that will offer you an optimal level of protection.

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