When Do You Need Sprinkler Repair? 5 Most Important Facts To Learn

It might sound a little bit funny, but only 1 out of 3 of us knows how often a lawn needs to be watered. Although millions of people do have a garden or yard, they hardly can know when it’s time to water their “green space”. That’s possibly because most people never wanted to become a gardener. However, today you can find tons of information about how to take care of your garden, how often to cut grass and flowers and other plants and how and when to water them.

sprinkler irrigationThings To Know About Sprinkler Systems

Watering flowers and the green grass is often considered to be a very easy task… so many people take their time in the weekend to water their lawn. But the point is that you shouldn’t water the lawn when you have the time to do it! On the contrary, you should be able to understand when the lawn actually needs that water.

During the summer season (or every time you notice the humidity level is lower than usual), your lawn needs abundant watering; of course, during rainy days you have not to worry about watering.

And if you are going to leave for a while, yet you are worried about not finding your grass as green as it is at the moment, consider installing a sprinkler system in your garden. Nothing lasts forever and plants are so delicate: the worst weather conditions might easily be a boundary between life and death.

That’s why sprinklers are so much used for reasonably small gardens – sprinklers allow your garden to receive enough water every day or even at specific times of the day.

You can actually personalize your sprinkler system and add a special device which controls the amount of water and the time of day to release the water. Then, the sprinkler system will do all the rest by itself.

Another smart thing to know is that you can ask qualified contractors to install a specific sprinkler system according to your needs. Expert contractors can create a custom-tailored system adding as many sprinklers as you want. So, in other words, you can place a sprinkler just under a plant which needs more water than the others and so on.

It’s An Emergency: You Need A Sprinkler Repair!

Smart, small, affordable, helpful – sprinklers deserve an immensely long list of positive adjectives! However, they can’t last forever, either. For you, this means to look into the qualified experts in your area to find contractors who can repair yoru sprinkler system.

The bottom line here is “how” you can actually understand when you need a sprinkler repair. In order to help you find out when you need a repair services, read this list of most common sprinkler malfunctions:

  1. The grass is dry: this is the first sign which lets you know that something goes wrong with your sprinkler system. A faulty sprinkler head might be a reason to such malfunction. Anyways, look for an expert contractor to have a precise evaluation about your sprinkler system.

  2. Sputtering sprinklers are another sign that the system is not working properly. If you look at the system and you notice that the sprinklers sputter the water in patches across your garden. Again, only an expert contractor can tell you what repair is needed.

  3. Spots of over- or under-watered grass: it might happen that for some reason someone or something changed the direction of the sprinkler heads. As a result, you will notice spots in your garden where there’s more water then needed and other spots where there’s no water at all. You may even adjust the sprinkler direction on your own.

  4. If you see that the sprinkler system is shooting out water too fast or too slowly, the problem is with the water pressure. You will need someone expert to regulate the flux of water into to sprinkler system in a proper way.

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