Printing Structures – Architecture of the Future

Man is preparing to colonize Mars, or so Elon Musk will have you believe. And yes, the colonization of the Red Planet may be soon on the cards. After all, man has been dreaming about the stars and expanding throughout space for years now.

These first pilgrims that sailed across the Atlantic – and we don’t mean the Vikings – had the same urge to find new places. Of course, space travel can be a bit dispiriting. There is just so much that can go wrong, from an errant asteroid to space radiation.

Not to mention the one-year trip mankind must take to even reach Mars. Remember when they told you that your flight to some exotic holiday location would take 16 hours, right? You must have thought – oh, boy, that’s a lot.

Well, flying to Mars will take over a year, and this is if everything goes according to plan. But a bigger question has now cropped up – how is humanity going to colonize Mars?

Building on Mars – 3D Printing

For our part, we are quite used to doing all sorts of odd jobs. Fixing pavements around a neighborhood or something around the house. Yet, one technology will empower us to do much, much more – and that’s 3D printing.

You see, 3D printing is unlike anything else you have experienced. As it is, the tech will allow you to print whole modular houses in under a week, which is actually quite impressive. Of course, most such structures will be dome-like futuristic bloops, but this is perfect for colonizing the planet and definitely better than any alternative that would require people to spend over a month building structures on a hostile planet.

Printing Structures – Architecture of the Future

In any event, 3D printing is definitely the future of the building. After all, there have been many innovations in building technology and you will even see skyscrapers made of ‘reinforced wood,’ a material that can actually sway with any earthquake and withstand a variety of dangerous nature’s elements.

It’s often a good idea to opt for solutions that promise to keep you safe. And 3D printing can be leveraged in virtually every profession. Imagine you need a key for your front door, your locksmith comes in and he has just printed out a fresh key for you, or even a lock that he’s now going to change.

No need to make purchases or look for locks elsewhere. The truth is there is a lot that can be achieved on the spot. 3D printing will empower all sorts of professionals to do the job they want to. So, if you are booking a locksmith at, you will definitely be excited about the opportunities to have a quick service done.

Can 3D Printing Improve Other Aspects of Our Lives?

Absolutely. 3D printing can be used for so many great things out there, so you will definitely have no issue with any of that. You will be able to enjoy all sorts of benefits. People are already 3D printing food and even organs, which may sound ‘awful,’ but it’s actually the way the future is going to be.

Man will be able to create nutrient-rich food and all sorts of other important things that will influence the future of our species development. The printing of organs is definitely a big deal. As long as we can develop the organic tissue – which is far easier than finding a whole organ, scientists can build hearts, livers, kidneys and carry out life-saving surgeries on the spot.

Creating a future where people are safe is one of the most promising things and this is precisely what you should be looking out for.

Of course, jobs such as contracting and locksmiths will also be influenced by the oncoming innovative wave. Jobs will become much easier to pull off, but more importantly – they will be simplified immensely, allowing everyone involved to truly differentiate themselves from anything that they have done in the past.

You will not have to wait around for tools or materials to build and carry out important tasks. Instead, they will be delivered to you in the form of a 3D printed object, which will be just as good as the ‘real one.’

Mankind is evolving rapidly in terms of technological advancement and people are already trying to catch up – not only in terms of understanding but also hard knowledge. The truth is that more so than at any time in the past, people need to be evolving at a rapid pace – especially in terms of skills and knowledge to keep their jobs.

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